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Trio Cor Sofamodul


1 Modul for Sofa System

Model TRIO

COR, designed by Swiss Trio Form AG

1 sitting modul




part of The Museum of Modern Art, New York “MoMA”

1 sitting modul big: W 940 H 350 D 950

condition A – rare yellow original fabric, the foam core is still solid and not saturated.


Seat, backrest, corner support. These are the 3 simple elements on which this model TRIO from COR builds everything and make an almost infinite variety possible. If you remove a corner seat, you have a casual chaise longue. Taking the corner and backrests away, you get a wonderfully spacious sleeping sofa. A few stools there, you get a cozy Liegewiese or a casual seating for the cocktail party. Or an extra large sofa. A modular system and fantastic residential landscape that is super soft and comfortable.

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